Why should I have my locks changed?

The two main reasons for having your locks changed are:

  • to increase security
  • to increase aesthetic appeal

Changing locks for security

Maybe your locks are broken. Maybe they are are cheap and low quality, making them easy to pick or break. In either case, replacing your locks with quality, working hardware will greatly improve the security of your home or business. Even if your locks function correctly, there are many locks with additional security features available if you’re looking for more.

Changing locks for appearance

While we wouldn’t recommend you choose a good looking lock over a secure lock, there are many attractive locks that are also very secure. Good looking, secure locks can be a great home improvement adding class and style to some of your home’s most frequently used features.

How do I change my locks?

While it is possible to purchase your own hardware and install locks yourself, if you are not experienced or are replacing more than one lock, hiring an experienced locksmith will save you time and stress. Our locksmiths have the tools and experience to quickly and professionally replace and install all kinds of locks. We can advise which locks will work well in various situations, make sure locks that need to accept the same keys are compatible, modify doors and latches to fit, and more.

Deadbolt installation

When replacing existing locks, often times no structural changes to the door are necessary. If you are looking to install a deadbolt in a door that does not already have one, precision measurements and drilling are required to ensure the new lock sits correctly. Our experienced locksmiths are more than capable of adding deadbolts and modifying doors when necessary to provide you with the security you desire.