What does it mean to have locks rekeyed?

Having locks rekeyed takes existing locks and modifies them to function with different keys. Since no new hardware is purchased or installed, having your locks rekeyed is often more cost-effective than having them replaced with new ones. Your current locks are simply adjusted.

Why should I have my locks rekeyed?

There are many reasons to have your locks rekeyed. Some are for safety and others are for convenience.

Rekey for safety

There are many reasons you may want to prevent old keys from working with your locks:

  • If you move to a new home and want to ensure you have the only working keys
  • If you lose a key and want to make sure no one can use it if it has been stolen or found
  • If you want to prevent someone who has a key from being able to use it

Rekey for convenience

If your locks are compatible with each other, you can have multiple locks rekeyed to function with the same key. Many people, for example, have this done in their homes so they can have their front door, back door, and garage door all work with the same key.

Some locks are capable of accepting more than one key, in which case they can be rekeyed to accept both separate keys and a master key. This is called a Master Key System.

In general, you should rekey your locks if you are content with your current locks but need to change which keys will work with them.